AMARILLO, Texas — The prosecutors in the case against Bart Reagor filed a response Tuesday to Reagor’s request to not forfeit $1.76 million in connection to his false statement to a bank conviction in October 2021.

Reagor argued earlier that he should keep the money because prosecutors had only focused on proving he had made a false statement to a bank but did not provide proof of an exact amount he had obtained from the crime.

However, prosecutors said evidence showed that $1.76 million of loan money had been deposited into his account and that he had used this money to pay for “an expensive lifestyle.”

The prosecutors also argued against Reagor’s claim that requiring him to forfeit $1.76 million would violate the Eighth Amendment because the maximum penalty for a false statement to a bank charge is $1 million.

Prosecutors said it does not violate the amendment because $1.76 million is “exactly what [Reagor] wanted to obtain and actually did obtain from his crime, and he should not be able to retain any of it.”

According to court documents, prosecutors said the $1.76 million could be partially taken from the roughly $950,000 seized from a bank account belonging to Reagor.

Reagor was scheduled to be sentenced March 10.