LUBBOCK, Texas — People on social media raised concerns Thursday morning after two videos surfaced of an arrest near the intersection of 50th Street and West Loop 289. Some social media commenters believe the videos depict police brutality.

The videos recorded on Wednesday at about 6:15 pm, show three officers taking a man into custody. An officer was observed punching the suspect on the ground.

UPDATED STORY: Lubbock Police release body cam footage from recent use of force

The videos are from Kayleigh B and Mydah L. who gave us permission to use them. Use the player above to watch.

Image of David Allen McDannels from Lubbock Co. Detention Center

Police arrested David Allen McDannels, 36 of Lubbock. McDannels remained in the Lubbock County Detention Center on Thursday for charges of assault on a public servant, resisting arrest and soliciting along a roadway. His bond was not yet listed in the jail records. This is a developing story. Check back for updates.

Police made a statement.

LPD Statement Regarding Video

(LUBBOCK, TX) – The Lubbock Police Department is aware of an abbreviated video clip depicting an officer’s use of force while bringing an individual into custody at the intersection of 50th Street and West Loop 289 on the evening of June 3. The officer’s command staff was immediately made aware of the incident, and the initial steps of reviewing the use of force began, per policy. The department has completed the initial review of the officer’s report and body-worn camera associated with the incident and is in the process of redacting the arrestee’s identifying information, per our legal requirements, prior to its release. We expect this process to be completed on June 5, at which time materials will be made public.

The following is the text of the LPD police report. A1 is McDannels. We have edited out names of specific officers.

A1’s charges:
PC 22.01 F3
PC 38.03 MA
PC 28.03 MB
Solicitation from a roadway MC instantered citation

While on patrol in the area of 5700 50th St. I observed A1 to step into and stand in the roadway of 5700 50th St. eastbound lanes of travel to solicit a ride, contribution, employment, or business from an occupant of a vehicle. I observed A1 to receive an object from a vehicle in the roadway.

I made contact with A1. I advised A1 that I observed him receiving an object from the vehicle in the roadway. A1 advised something to the effect of “I’ll take the ticket”.

I collected information to identify A1, and returned to my patrol vehicle.

While in my patrol vehicle observed A1 to step into and stand in the roadway of 5700 50th St. west bound lanes of travel to solicit a ride, contribution, employment, or business from an occupant of a vehicle. I observed A1 to receive an object from a vehicle in the roadway, which appeared to be United States Currency from my point of observation.

I spoke with A1 from my patrol vehicle, in reference to soliciting in my presence, and advised A1 he would be receiving a second citation.

A1 replied, due to traffic in the area I was unable to hear A1 clearly.

I called for assistance from an additional officer by police radio.

V1 arrived on scene.

I made contact with V1. I advised V1 that A1 would be receiving an instantered citation for solicitation from a roadway. I advised V1 that A1 has a pet with him as well. I advised V1 that I would leave the pet with V1 to be transferred to a person A1 wishes to transfer the animal to, or to animal control if no such person is able to retrieve the pet.

V1 and myself contacted A1. I asked A1 if he had a person he wished to transfer the animal to at this time, who is able to do so. A1 advised he did not.

A1 was advised to place his hands behind his back. V1 and myself then attempted to place A1 in a pair of handcuffs. While V1 and myself attempted to handcuff A1, A1 pulled his hands from V1 and myself and began actively resisting arrest. A1 moved forward away from V1 and myself. I used my left and right arm at this time to prevent A1 from fleeing by grabbing A1 around his abdomen. A1 turned to the north, at which time, V1 and myself placed A1 on the ground. A1 continued actively resisting arrest by refusing to place his hands behind his back. A1 then stood up from where V1 and myself had placed A1 onto the ground. I then used an open area takedown to place A1 back onto the ground. Once on the ground A1 placed his hands back under himself and began attempting to stand up again, continuing to refuse to place his hands behind his back. At this time I applied three closed fist strikes to A1’s upper left abdomen with my left hand, in order to gain compliance. Ofc. XXXXX arrived on scene. At this time A1 placed his left hand behind his back. I placed A1’s left hand in a handcuff with assistance from Ofc. XXXXX. A1 then placed his right hand behind his back. I placed A1’s right hand into the other handcuff with assistance from V1.

A1 was then removed from the ground and set into an upright sitting position on the ground.

V1 advised V1 was struck by A1 while A1 was resisting arrest, causing V1 pain. V1 also advised her property had been damaged during the altercation. See V1’s supplement for further information.

A1 was placed into my patrol vehicle. At this time I checked A1’s handcuffs for proper fit, and double locked A1’s handcuffs.

A1 in my patrol vehicle was moved to a nearby parking area.

Cpl. XXXXX photographed V1, and A1 as a CSO at this time.

A1’s dog was released to animal control.

A1 was arrested for the listed charges, transported, and booked into the LSO County Jail.

I submitted a copy of A1’s booking paper as a trailing document.

I submitted the listed property to the LPD property room.

BWC and DVR were used at this time.