On August 1, a list of Reagor Dykes companies filed for Chapter 11 reorganizational bankruptcy.  Reagor Dykes set up a Help Desk Number at: 806-776-8632.  The Help Desk email is: rdagsupport@reagordykes.com

The following are links to our continuing coverage.

Reagor Dykes companies file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy – 8/1/2018

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Sources: Some Reagor Dykes employees told not to come to work, may not get paid – 8/3/2018

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Reagor Dykes can pay employees, bankruptcy court rules – 8/3/2018

Reagor Dykes Auto Group issues statement on Friday’s bankruptcy court ruling – 8/3/2018

Can non-bankrupt Reagor Dykes companies be sued? Judge rules on that issue – 8/6/2018

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Reagor Dykes help desk number and email set up – 8/8/2018

Reagor Dykes seeks investigation of improprieties, Chief Restructuring Officer – 8/9/2018

Ford explains allegations of fraud against RD in new court records – 8/10/2018

Objection filed against RD’s proposed Chief Restructuring Officer – 8/13/2018

Ford levels more allegations against Reagor Dykes in latest bankruptcy filing – 8/14/2018

Lamesa bracing for economic impact if Reagor Dykes dealership closes – 8/14/2018 

Reagor Dykes Auto Group issues written apology early Wednesday afternoon – 8/15/2018

Reagor Dykes can pay employees through August 30, judge says – 8/16/2018

Reagor Dykes issues statement after Thursday bankruptcy hearing – 8/16/2018 

Ford v. Reagor Dykes lawsuit updated, plans will be made to sell dealerships – 8/20/2018

Landlord asks Reagor Dykes to pay rent or leave two properties in SW Lubbock – 8/23/2018 

Reagor Dykes attorney asks permission to withdraw from case – 8/24/2018

Bank objects in Reagor Dykes bankruptcy case – 8/27/2018

Ford questions law firm payment in Reagor Dykes bankruptcy case – 8/29/2018 

Universal Underwriters wants money or out of Reagor Dykes contract – 8/29/2018

Bank wants Reagor Dykes to pay rent to avoid foreclosure – 8/29/2018

Testimony in Reagor Dykes case, three potential buyers found – 8/30/2018 

Reagor Dykes statement after Thursday bankruptcy hearing – 8/30/2018 

Non-bankruptcy Reagor Dykes companies might file chapter 11, court records say – 8/31/2018 

Reagor Dykes establishes customer meeting process – 9/4/2018

IRS listed as creditor in Reagor Dykes bankruptcy case – 9/7/2018 

Reagor Dykes has “stalking horse bidder,” could be sold for $25 million – 9/11/2018 

KamKad makes statement on bid to buy Reagor Dykes dealerships – 9/11/2018 

Reagor Dykes asks for September 18 hearing on possible sale – 9/12/2018 

Here is the list of claims so far against Reagor Dykes in bankruptcy court – 9/12/2018 

Judge sets hearing on sale of Reagor Dykes dealerships – 9/13/2018 

Reagor Dykes objects to proposed loss of bankruptcy protections – 9/13/2018 

Rick Dykes denies wrongdoing, claims former employee provided false info – 9/13/2018

Bart Reagor reserves his “right to assert” claims against Ford – 9/14/2018 

Reagor Dykes lawsuit set for trial in the year 2020 – 9/14/2018 

Toyota says sale of Reagor Dykes is “destined to fail” if problem not fixed – 9/14/18

Ford objects to proposed sale of Reagor Dykes – 9/17/2018 

Top 20 creditor list and other disclosures made in Reagor Dykes bankruptcy – 9/17/2018 

GM says Reagor Dykes has no right to “convey” Chevy dealership status – 9/17/2018

Reagor Dykes defaulted to Vista Bank on $2 million, new document reveals – 9/17/2018 

Judge approves auction for 13 Reagor Dykes locations – 9/18/2018 

First Bank adds to list of allegations against Reagor Dykes – 9/19/2018

Victim of Reagor Dykes creates Facebook support group – 9/19/2018 

Texas DMV tells Reagor Dykes and lenders to stop withholding titles – 9/19/2018

Vista Bank sues Shane Smith for unpaid loan – 9/20/2018

Judge orders car companies to negotiate with stalking-horse bidder – 9/20/2018

TCEQ joins Reagor Dykes bankruptcy case – 9/24/2018 

Ford goes after Lubbock law firm for “suspect payment” in Reagor Dykes case – 10/2/2018

Reagor Dykes seeks extension of so-called exclusivity period – 10/9/2018

Reagor Dykes seeks court order forcing lenders to pay tax, title, license and trade-ins – 10/9/2018

Reagor Dykes corporate jet taken back by lender in bankruptcy agreement – 10/11/2018

Local attorneys will get paid in Reagor Dykes case over Ford’s objection – 10/11/2018

Ford and TxDMV speak up in court for innocent customers of Reagor Dykes – 10/12/2018 

No deal yet on paying TTL for innocent customers of Reagor Dykes – 10/18/2018

Reagor Dykes companies negative net worth listed in court records – 10/20/2018 

More Reagor Dykes companies file for bankruptcy – 11/2/2018

Lender agrees to fix problems for some Reagor Dykes customers – 11/05/2018

New deadline in sale of Reagor Dykes dealerships – 11/23/2018

McDougal, Dykes and Dallas investor make proposal for Reagor Dykes – 11/29/2018 

Vista Bank defends its handling of overdrafted Reagor Dykes accounts – 12/04/2018 

Reagor Dykes bankruptcy claims worth millions listed in registry – 12/10/2018

Ford asks bankruptcy court to essentially shut down Reagor Dykes – 1/4/2019

Reagor Dykes ‘is viable and worth reorganizing’ court filing says – 1/7/2019

Ford accuses Reagor Dykes of slander, says RD not to be trusted – 1/7/2019 

Bankruptcy judge allows Ford and Toyota to stop doing business with Reagor Dykes – 1/17/2019 

Judge grants Reagor Dykes permission to borrow money – 1/23/2019 

McDougal Companies and Finn Ewing invited to meet Ford next week over Reagor Dykes – 1/24/2019 

McDougal no longer pursuing deal with Reagor-Dykes AG – 1/31/2019 

Reagor Dykes notice of appeal against Ford in bankruptcy – 1/31/2019 

Reagor Dykes wants court to force Ford and others into mediation –  2/6/2019 

Court ordered mediation now on hold in the Reagor Dykes case, negotiations continue – 2/7/2019

Reagor Dykes, Ford and McDougal to talk on Feb 25, 26 in Dallas, according to court records – 2/19/2019