LUBBOCK, Texas — Icy roadways and cold temperatures caused many volunteers to miss their routes Tuesday morning for Lubbock meals on wheels. With 30 routes to be covered, members of the community and regular volunteers stepped up to fill in the gaps.

Tom Walker has been volunteering with the Lubbock Meals on Wheels for 9 years since he retired and came in on his day off to make sure clients relying on their meals received them. 

“Delivering a warm meal to a lonely person, elderly people, handicapped, homebound, they can’t get out, don’t get to see anybody,” Walker said. “I don’t even know these people, really. I just know them from delivering their meals, but I get to know them, and hopefully I’m doing something good for them each day.”

Walker said even in cold temperatures, he is willing to come out to make sure clients he sees regularly are taken care of.

“They’re going to be hungry today, whether it’s cold or not, even on bad weather days when temperatures can get very cold, it could be cold in a house,” Walker said. “I think it’s important to the clients to have somebody ask them and know that somebody’s looking out for their safety and their well-being.”

Victor Valdez said Walker has done more for him than just deliver his meals. He’s helped him with household chores that he wouldn’t be able to do alone. 

“It’s really wonderful, I Appreciate it,” Valdez said. “He’s helped me with the bush, He helped me cut one of my trees down, he’s been very helpful… I’m glad they sent him.” 

Walker said he is always looking forward to volunteering and seeing new and familiar faces on his routes, who make coming out in freezing temperatures worth it. 

 “If you have never volunteered or given back to the community, this is a good opportunity to add another element to a person’s life, to your own personal experience in life, and plus to help some people that can’t help themselves.”

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