Reboot Recovery program helps first-responders cope with PTSD

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LUBBOCK, Texas — First responders and front-line workers have endured some trying times of the past year. Between the obstacles posed by the coronavirus and the tragic accident in January where two first responders lost their lives, and another had severe injuries, it’s been a challenging year.

Now, there is a free, 12-week course offered at Southcrest Baptist Church called “Reboot Recovery” that would help first-responders cope with PTSD. From law enforcement to veterans to hospital workers, the disorder can manifest itself in many different ways.

No matter your personal experience, Reboot Recovery said it would work to help anyone who has gone through trauma.

“This group of people was experiencing traumatic experiences on the job that was completely different from anything else that the community was being treated for.

“The 12-week program they devised focuses more on the healing of both spiritual and physical healing that needs to take place that was totally overlooked in the treatment of our nation’s heroes,” said Reboot Recovery Leader Rodney King.

As a veteran himself, King explained he understands the struggle that comes with battling PTSD.

“You’re told be a man, suck it up, drive on, get over it,” said King. “All that does is causes people to suppress the true issue, instead of dealing with the issue. Once you actually deal with what the traumatic experience was, then the healing can begin.”

As a faith-based organization, the course consists of different lessons that come from various biblical passages. King said it is not a religious course, but their approach to battling PTSD differs from a lot of other programs.

“We are not psychologists, we’re not psychiatrists. We’re not medical professionals. We’re a team of brothers and sisters that are together, helping each other through because we have similar experiences.

“While I would never tell anyone ‘Yeah, I know exactly what you feel’ — that’s impossible because I have no way of knowing you exactly how you feel, but I’ve had a similar experience. My similar experiences I can relate to your real similar experiences you can relate to, and together as brothers and sisters, we can have a normal life,” said King.

Those that have gone through the program also said it has been effective.

“You have a cloud that kind of hangs over you times, and you can never get rid of it. It’s the mental ability to just overcome certain things. And sometimes that cloud is just, it affects your life.

“It affects your family life. It affects the way that you work. It affects different things going through this is there’s a positiveness about it that it actually can lift that. And so, with it, with me, it allows me to experience day by day the things that I know I can get through now,” said former Reboot participant and now facilitator Chris Wisdom.

The group meets every Tuesday from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. To get involved, you can visit their website.

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