SEAGRAVES, Texas — An arrest warrant provided new details Wednesday afternoon on the accusations leading to the arrest of School Superintendent Joshua Neil Goen, 43, of Seagraves.

UPDATED STORY: Hale Center girls accidentally found hidden device to record them in locker room

Goen was arrested Monday, according to officials. The FBI and other law enforcement agencies searched his home Tuesday. He was charged with Invasive Visual Recording – which is a state jail felony.

The warrant said Gaines County sheriff’s deputies were called to the Seagraves High School in mid-November.

“A digital recording device had been found and removed from the visiting girls locker room,” the warrant said. School security video was then reviewed.

“Superintendent Joshua Neil Goen … enters the locker room from the hall but is not seen leaving,” the warrant said. The same security camera then showed a girls basketball team show up for a game.

The original recording device which was found in the locker room was examined, according to the warrant. Three videos were examined; the first showed an empty locker room, and a second one showed a girls’ team entering.

“The third video is interrupted by the device being unplugged,” the warrant said. Other videos on the storage card of the device showed Goen, the warrant said.

“Goen was positively identified by [an] FBI Special Agent…,” the warrant said.

“The recording device was placed in a changing room with the intent to record people without their consent,” the warrant said.

  • Joshua Goen home
  • Joshua Goen home
  • Joshua Goen home

Previous Coverage

Officials previously said Goen was informed of the investigation on November 22. On November 28, officials publicly said Goen was placed on administrative leave. reached out to school officials on Tuesday for an update. If the Seagraves ISD provides new information, we will then provide updated coverage.

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