LUBBOCK, Texas — For almost two decades now music fanatics have been traveling back in time through vinyl records.

This form of music has seen a record-breaking growth. According to the Recording Industry Association of America’s, Vinyl records outsell CDs for the first time since 1987.

“Records have been on their way back for about 15 to 17 years now. It’s been a slow climb and actually very rapid climb in the last 10 years, so for it to totally take over CD’s, it’s not surprising at all,” said Doug Stapp, owner of Ralph’s Records. 

Just last year, vinyl’s have sold 41 million albums compared to 33 million CDs.  

“It’s bigger, you can actually listen to it. You don’t have to lease it on your phone. You actually own something, you can stare at all of the artwork, you get to read all the liner notes, all the fun stuff that goes along with music which is very important to music,” said Stapp.

The growth is something that Ralph’s Record is no stranger to, operating for over 43 years with the largest sales coming from young adults. 

“Honestly, it’s all of our customers. It’s more than just records or anything else. Our customers are amazing. We’ve had the same customers in the same building for 43 years and yeah, we’re still here because of our customers,” said Stapp.

The records have been so in demand, that Ralph’s Records has been out of record players for the past three weeks.

“Honestly, I’m an old soul so I love records. I think records sound way better than music on the phone, music on a CD and then I have a whole collection at home, and I do listen to both, but I prefer the record over anything, especially whenever I’m home, I just put a record on,” said Emanuel Lucero, a vinyl record enthusiast who has owned a record player since he was 15.