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LUBBOCK, Texas — The City of Lubbock Recycling and Solid Waste Department provided tips on how to get rid of unwanted holiday items.

Morgan Ercanbrack, the recycling supervisor at the City of Lubbock, said when making room for new gifts, it’s important to consider donated unwanted items such as clothes or toys.

“I think we just asked people to be kind of more, maybe more aware of their waste stream and what they’re producing this time of year,” said Ercanbrack. “If you gathered it all up, bring it to us. It’s going to save space. [It’s also] just being a good neighbor and being cognizant of everybody else.”

This might be the time of year when people have extra boxes. The city’s Recycling and Solid Waste Department said to break them down, bring them in and to do the same thing with wrapping paper.

“You’re going to save a lot of space in your shopping environment and recycle that material,” Ercanbrack said.

Ercanbrack said with a lot of people ordering online this year, they’re bound to have a lot of different types of cardboard boxes taking up space in their homes.

“You can break those boxes down [and] recycle them at any of our five cardboard drop-off locations,” said Ercanbrack.

Ercanbrack said those who opted to use a real Christmas tree could also take it to one of their four main recycle locations.

“Bring them to one of our sites, and later on, we grind it into mulch,” said Ercanbrack.

Del Rio Mullen, the customer service supervisor at the city’s solid waste, said all trash put into dumpsters should be bagged, and there should be no trash outside of the dumpster.

“The biggest thing you can do is kind of mind what you’re putting into the trash. If they can hold off–if it’s nothing like food waste or anything like that,” said Mullen.

Mullen said certain items should be recycled and not thrown into the trash.

“The last thing you want to do is to put your Christmas tree into a container or any couch or television–We run into that a lot,” said Mullen. “Picket fences because people are still repairing fences with the weather. We don’t need to see that kind of waste. Those trash cans are meant for bagged trash.”

Mullen said recycling unwanted boxes could also help deter crime.

“TV boxes sitting outside of trash cans along one block that tells [people] that somebody had a really great Christmas this year,” said Mullen. “Same with] video game system boxes, computers, new furniture boxes that’s telling me, ‘Oh, well, they’ve really had a great season, maybe they would be riper for picking, so to speak.'”

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