LUBBOCK, Texas — Roughly 40,000 Red Raiders started classes on Thursday and students have mixed feelings, several shared with KLBK News.

“I’m most looking forward to meeting new people and having a new slate, because I’m a freshman. So, just coming in with a positive mindset and having a lot of fun,” said freshman Alvaro Gonzalez.

Texas Tech University president, Dr. Lawrence Schovanec, said, “It’s wonderful to have that student life back on campus. It just feels good.”

Sophomore Bethany Hill is excited not only to be out of the dorms, but “also, football season. Duh. Wreck ’em,” she said.

Another freshman told KLBK News that he hopes to walk-on to the football team by the end of the school year.

“My dream is to come play football for the Red Raiders, and as far as education, education is the most important thing. Being able to get that degree is going to do a lot for me in my future,” Andrew Garcia shared.

While some students spent the day trying to navigate a new school, others spent it navigating a new country, including one first year student who arrived three weeks ago from Nepal.

“It’s new, it’s wonderful and it’s colorful. People are very welcoming and I’m loving it,” said political science major Sandhya Paudel, adding, “I just made new friends . They’re not from my country, but I made friends today.”