LUBBOCK, Texas– Over in East Lubbock several tenants at Park Meadow Villas Apartments, several residents told KAMC News that they received eviction notices on Tuesday, June 10. 

Myrtle Johnson said she has lived in the complex for the last two years with her grandchildren and has never missed a rent payment. However, she said she got a letter on Tuesday that said she owes the apartment complex over $1,800 dollars in late fees. 

“As long as she had my receipts that’s all that matters,” Johnson said. She went on to say ”Pay late fees– She said, that’s how I ended up $1,800 because of late fees. And I don’t pay no partial payments. I pay my rent in full payment without fail every month.” 

Johnson said she has receipts that appear to show that she paid her rent for the last few months, but she said it didn’t seem to change anything. 

“I went to the office, and I took my receipts–And she said something about ‘my papers that she has the rent that I have been paying aren’t the same,”’ Johnson said. “And I tell them, honey, I have receipts that go back to 1970. I may be old, but I keep my receipts. I sure do.” 

Johnson wasn’t the only tenant who said they got a notice that said they had several months of rent past due. Jerome lives in the apartments with his family and said he got a notice that said he hasn’t paid for the last five months.  

“Seems like they’re trying to take advantage of us,” Jerome said. “They’re charging everyone for stuff that we already paid them. So, how can we double pay them when we already paid them? So, that’s what we’re not understanding. That’s why we call yall.” 

A person with the leasing office said they just took over managing the property from the previous owner, and that they were trying to work with residents to get the issues resolved. However, some who identified themselves as ‘corporate’ said that there is not an official comment at this time and then requested KAMC to leave the property.