Residents complain about incomplete repairs at Stonehollow Apartments

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LUBBOCK, Texas — Winter storm Uri hit Lubbock back in February, and some people are still feeling the storm’s effects, particularly the residents of the Stonehollow Apartments.

During the storm, inches of water flooded many of the apartments in the complex. Management later came in to repair the damages by taking up carpet and removing damaged walls.

But three months later, some apartments are still left unrepaired. One resident said she’s even able to see into her neighbors apartment through the wall. 

“February, March, April, May. We are fixing to be in June. Look at my apartment, it’s a warehouse,” said Nekishia Anderson, a resident of Stonehollow Apartments. 

According to the City Code Administration, 110 apartments were affected by the flooding.

“We’re not prisoners, but I feel like a prisoner,” said Anderson. “I can’t do this, somebody has to do something. But there is nothing they could tell me right now that could make me stay..”

The Code Administration has been working with the complex on the issues, saying the delay is due to the complex working with their insurance company. 

“You have to take into consideration the things that come into play,” Code Administration Director Stuart Walker said. “They are working with the insurance company, the time and material and contractors that’s going to take to get all those units back together.”

But due to the circumstances of the winter storm, the complex isn’t currently in violation of any codes. 

“It really gets back to just depending on the situation. At this point code enforcement, we haven’t cited any violations because we know and we’ve been in and we looked at it and are aware of the situation,” said Walker. 

Some residents refuse to pay rent until the situation is fixed, and are waiting for answers for when life will return to normal.

“I’m going to speak up for everyone cause this is ridiculous. and I’m not paying no rent. They can evict me, they can take me to court and I’m still not paying any rent. Y’all gotta fix my stuff,” said Anderson. 

Stonehollow did not respond to requests for comment. For concerns about apartment conditions, contact 311 or the City of Lubbock at (806)775-3000.

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