LUBBOCK, Texas – Several residents in a southwest neighborhood are concerned after cars have been speeding through a 4-way stop sign.

“This car has no care for life or anybody and blows through the stop sign that no one would have time to react,” said one neighbor.

One car was caught on camera speeding through a neighborhood. Neighbors believe the driver lives in the neighborhood.

“There’s no excuse, this is not a highway, and this was a very dangerous thing. It’s actually, you know, shaken up our community, and people are on edge about this, so this is not OK,” said the neighbor.

The Lubbock Police Department spoke with the person who owns the car but said a thorough investigation needs to happen before they issue a citation.

“Issuing a citation for something we didn’t observe–we just want to be very careful. We want to be very sure that if we issue a traffic ticket for a moving violation that we didn’t see occur in our presence, we want to be absolutely sure that we’re giving the ticket to the right person,” said Lieutenant Brady Cross.

Residents hope the driver in the video is held accountable, so it won’t happen again.