Residents frustrated at trash pileup. They want the owner to do something.

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LUBBOCK, Texas – Residents at the Covington Court trailer park on East Purdue Street said they are concerned about piled up trash in their mobile home community.

They said the trash has been piling up and overflowing out of dumpsters for the past two months, despite paying a $30 trash fee each month.

Marcos Valadez said his mother has been living in the area for the past fifteen years and said he’s concerned for her and others who live there.

“We just want them to come pick up the trash because it’s getting bad,” he said. “The smell, and the flies, broken glass — stuff like that.”

He said they’ve reached out to administration but so far they have had no luck.

“He says that they’ll take care of it and it’s already it’s been too much already,” he said.

Maria Valadez, mother of Marcos Valadez, said it’s not the first time the trash has been ignored and she wants the owner to do something.

“We want him to clean everything, to pick up the trash and if he isn’t going to pick up the trash, if he doesn’t want to pick up the trash, he doesn’t need to charge us and we will throw our own trash away,” she said.

Maria said she’s scared the trash will contaminate the area and make people sick. She also said a child recently injured himself due to the trash problem.

“He cut his little foot. I went to check on him and he said he had cut himself on a piece of glass that was there,” she said, “The little boy was walking with blood in between his little toes.”

She said she’s also concerned for another neighbor who lives in front of the dumpsters.

“He can’t walk very well, he has a walker and he’s on an oxygen machine and he’s scared, he says he’s scared to go take his trash out,” she said.

KLBK News reached out to the owner and he said that the trash was picked up two weeks ago. He said Republic, their trash company, didn’t pick up the trash last week. He declined further comment.

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