PLAINVIEW, Texas – With COVID testing at an all-time high, many people find themselves desperate to get their results as fast as possible. A company called Community Wellness America set up shop in Plainview offering free testing January 13 and 14 at 2404 Yonkers.

People tested a week ago stared confused at signs out front stating that the site was closed until further notice. Two women who tested at the site requested not to be identified said they both needed results for work.

They said they kept getting conflicting information about who to contact and when they can expect results. After being redirected several times, they called a number with an automated voicemail requesting they leave a message with their name, number, birthday and phone number.

The odd part was, they were told they could only get results through email.

“The lady there sent me over here as well told me that I would get my results within 24 to 48 hours. So, I came here real quick. You walk in. They test you. You walk out. They don’t give you any information,” the Plainview woman said.

The City of Plainview’s Health Department said that they have not received any information from the Community Wellness America’s testing site. Community Wellness America’s Volunteer District Coordinator Dr. Eugene Allen said they don’t keep records of the people who test.

“No, no, no, no, no, no. All the information you give out goes out with every shipment to the lab. We don’t keep anything,” Dr. Allen said.

Allen’s response to the question: Do you share any of that information with the Health Department?

“Not this time. No, we were hoping to do something with the health department, but I mean, if they come back positive–yes–they will be notified,” Dr. Allen said.