Residents notice drivers ignoring stop signs in one Lubbock neighborhood

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Neighbors in one Lubbock neighborhood said traffic signs are constantly ignored in a residential area located at Memphis Drive and 60th St.

Resident of the area, Rusty Gunter, said he is concerned about his neighborhood.

“There’s a lot of kids in this neighborhood, a lot of folks like to walk and jog, ride their bicycle. So to some degree I worry for them,” Gunter said.

Gunter said he thinks people run the stop signs in those areas because people do not pay attention or because they’re rushing.

It could also be related to some trees located in the area.

Gunter said he has been asked to trim his trees to comply with city ordinances pertaining to the visibility of street signs.

“I get a notice and promptly have that foliage removed and all is right,” Gunter said.

He said he now takes care of his tree before the city brings it to his attention.

The city also has other ordinances in place to prevent the obstruction of streets and signs. According to city ordinance, trees cannot be less than 6 feet from the ground. Additionally, there must be a ‘visibility triangle.’ In this triangle no trees can be planted.

If the city notices foliage blocking stop signs, they send out a notice to the homeowner.

Stewart Walker, Code Administrator for the City of Lubbock said the step after the initial notice does not happen very often.

“if they don’t, we have the authority to go in there and trim that tree and pass those costs back to that property owner,” Walker said.

If drivers see any obstructions to roads or traffic signs, they are instructed to call the city of Lubbock at 311.

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