Residents of Post still without water after water supply lines froze

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POST, TX—It’s been four days since the City of Post’s water supply was lost due to last week’s storm.

“2020 was rough and 2021 hasn’t started out much better,” said Donna Degan, resident of Post and owner of Plum Crazy. 

On Feb 19. the water supply lines from Slaton to Post froze and began to leak. By the end of the next day, the city had run out of water.  City workers were forced to climb into a 15 ft trench to try and fix the pipes. 

“It’s unique that both our water supply lines had issues, but again it’s something to be prepared for next time,” said Garza County Judge Lee Norman. “What we are falling back on is the good people of our county.”

Tuesday morning, the city got good news, as water from White River began to flow back through the pipes.

But shortly after another leak was found forcing them to turn the water off once again. 

“We have no timeline, we just can’t,” said Judge Norman. “When we got the Slaton line fixed and pressured up, well then you find some more leaks. When we got the well field at White River going every time they pressure up they find a few more leaks, so it will be a process that my emergency management folks say will really take this week to get a handle on.”

Until the pipes are fixed, the city is working together to provide water and area ranchers have been driving in tanks of non-potable water.

But some residents saying they drove to surrounding towns in order to buy water

“I finally just went and stayed at my friend’s house in Lubbock for a couple of days. She let me and she had power and water and heat,” said Degan.   

While many household chores, like laundry and dishes are starting to pile up.

“You do what you have to do to get by,” said Post resident Vicki Gray.

And while the city isn’t sure when water will be restored, many locals are looking forward to one simple thing. 

“Oh my hair, I gotta wash my hair!” said Michele Gibson, resident of Post and owner of lighthouse gifts. 

“I am ready for a good warm shower,” said Sue Trammell, resident of Post and owner of Texas Treasures. 

Right now the city is handing out bottled water to residents everyday at 5 p.m. at the Fire Station and once water is flowing it again it will be tested for safety. 

City officials are asking people to make sure their home or businesses doesn’t have any leaky pipes as that could lead to further problems down the road. 

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