Residents see increase in property crime as summer rolls around

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LUBBOCK, Texas — Now that schools are out and people have more time on their hands, Lubbock Police Department said they are keeping a look out for property and vehicle crimes this summer.

“Officers will try to be more active in their beats and look for any individuals they see out walking late at night that may or may not have a purpose for being out” said Lt. Leath McClure with LPD.

Back in 2019, 5,503 homes and vehicles were affected by crimes. In 2020 LPD saw around a 13% decrease most likely due to the pandemic, but with more people put this year the number could go back up.

“There’s more kids out of school and not as much activities for them to be involved in” said Lt. McClure. “and unfortunately they have mischief they get involved to.”

It’s not just kids. In the past few weeks there have already been a number of reports about people stealing, breaking in or even damaging property. On Monday, one woman was even able to catch a man on-camera stealing from her front porch.

“My husband called me, woke me up and something on the alarm had set it off,” said Candice Light. “So he checked the cameras and saw a gentleman was walking off with our topiary plants.”

Light was able to give the footage to police, post the video on Facebook and eventually track down the man who was taken into custody later that day. LPD encourages anyone experiencing property-related crimes to call their number at (806) 775- 2769.

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