Rideshare2Vote offering Lubbock voters free rides to the polls

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LUBBOCK, TX — There are over 180,000 registered voters in the Lubbock area. With early voting already underway and many making their way to the polls — one organization is trying to make the trip easier. 

Rideshare2Vote and their volunteers are giving free rides to anyone needing to get to and from the polls. 

“Think taxi ride but totally round trip,” said Founder of Rideshare2Vote Sarah Kovich. “We pick you up, we take you to the polls, we wait for you, we can assist with anything you might need.”

Founded in Dallas in 2018, this is the program’s first year in Lubbock. Voters can request a ride with Rideshare2vote, a volunteer will pick them up, and give them a ride for free. 

“When you go take someone to the polls and they come out and they are proud they are excited they are pleased with themselves they are glad they did it. It gives me goosebumps when I think about it,” said Kovich. 

Voters can request a ride online, over the phone, or by using their app. While many who request rides are older or disabled, Kovich hopes that Texas Tech University students will get involved as well. 

“For the folks that want to have a say and either cant or wont without some nudging without a service like ours we believe we have to be there for them,” said Kovich.  

For driver Ed Coble, even though he has been driving since the program’s start, this election year has been different.

“It’s intense and there is a lot of urgency and a sense of enthusiasm about it,” said Coble. 

And with a higher voter turnout so far in Lubbock county, drivers are staying busy. 

“Democracy is important enough to make sure people have a chance to vote and are encouraged to vote,” said Coble. “So this is an attempt to make it a little easier for people.” 

For voters that want it, they just need to request a ride

“We will take you to the polls, anyone who is willing to let us take them,” said Kovich. 

In order to keep passengers safe from COVID-19, Rideshare2Vote only allows one person in a car at a time, asks passengers to wear masks and is handing out hand sanitizer to those riding with them. 

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