LUBBOCK, Texas — Lubbock Police responded to an incident referred to as “road rage” on Sunday evening.

A police report said a woman and her son were in a car in the 5800 block of 98th Street. The son was driving. The police report said someone in another vehicle tried to cut them off. The police report said the other driver then tailgated.

The woman and her son turned right onto Milwaukee Avenue.

The police report said, “[The other driver] then pulled next to the passenger side of [the victims’] vehicle. [The other driver] pointed a black pistol at [the mother in the passenger side] and started shaking the pistol at her.”

She then picked up her phone to dial 9-1-1. The police report said the other driver yelled, “Go ahead.”

The victims told police, “They were in imminent fear of serious bodily injury as they believed s1 was going to shoot at them with the pistol.”

As of Tuesday, police did not have an update on the case.