LUBBOCK, Texas– The Salvation Army and Saint Francis Church partnered up to launch a new program in Lubbock called “Passage.” This program was created specifically for teens who have aged out of foster care.

Salvation Army’s Director of Social Work, Erica Hitt said there was a need for a program to help teens transition from the system into the real world.

“One of the struggles that I had, was these individuals are so much like children,” Hitt said. “Most of them had not completed high school.. So they would come here it just turns into this vicious cycle, to where it’s a revolving door for them.”

According to Covenant House, more than 25 percent of kids who age out of foster care will end up being homeless within 2 to 4 years of leaving the system. These organizations are working towards changing one life at a time.

“Once they get to our program, we basically work on education, getting them paired up with employment,” Hitt said. “[focus on] barriers that they may have that are preventing them from being able to sustain on their own.”

The program provides these young adults room and board, job training, mentorship, and support in pursuing higher education. It also teaches essential life skills including planning, saving, and setting goals.

To support their cause, visit their website or call  (806) 765-9434.