LUBBOCK, Texas — The Salvation Army is launching a new program, called “Tokens of Hope.”

Social Services Manager for the Salvation Army, Erica Hitt, said they have two main goals for the program.

First, they will have a new truck that will allow them to go out into the community and bring people back to the shelter. Second, this program will work with clients on a long-term basis, helping with case management.

“We have them in our shelter they go through programming and it’s a lot of prayers and well wishes and we do a couple of follow ups,” Hitt said. “Tokens of hope is going to be extended case management, to see these individuals and families through once they leave our programming.”

One of the first clients of “Tokens of Hope” is John Desousa. He said this program has allowed him to move into a house and have more privacy to work on his business.

“You get one personal bath tub and the water is phenomenal,” Desousa said. “Your beds are quartered off so you don’t see each other.”

Desousa said he has been with Salvation Army since 2013, and hopes to see this program grow and help others just like him.

“There’s people that don’t know what their next move is” Desousa said. “And they come to Salvation Army and at least they get a hot meal.”