LUBBOCK, Texas — The Salvation Army’s Red Kettle Campaign is the oldest campaign for the non-profit. All across the South Plains, you can already hear their bells ringing.

During the Christmas season, the red kettles comes out to help gather donations.

“It helps raise funds for helping out people. You know, helping out their families and children and individuals through crisis in their lives,” said Marc Dove, a bell ringer for The Salvation Army of Lubbock.

“We pay the bills there, and we do offer three meals a day to the shelter residents and we’re even open to the public. So the money stays there trying to get food for that. We [also] have clothing closets,” said Albert Zapata, The Salvation Army of Lubbock’s Volunteer coordinator.

All donations collected during the Red Kettle Campaign stay local.

Zapata told they were at 44 percent of their $200,000 goal as of Tuesday. “I believe we’re at $89,000,” Zapata said.

The Salvation Army of Lubbock is also looking for more volunteers that can help them reach their goal.

“One of the things that we’re working on this year is putting 100 percent of people out there ringing the bells. We need lots of volunteers to come back and and do that,” Zapata said.

“It is a experience that is very worth doing.” Dove, said.

If you’re interested in becoming a bell ringer or donating, you can find more information here.