UPDATE: Statistics provided in the original video version of this story came from the staff at LAS. However, after the story aired, LAS provided clarified information. The video has been edited to reflect the change.

LUBBOCK, Texas – KLBK’s annual Save A Pet Adopt-A-Thon is scheduled to start this weekend, which means all adoptions and microchips at the Lubbock Animal Shelter will be free, Lubbock Animal Services said on Wednesday.

The Adopt-A-Thon runs from Friday, October 7 from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. through Saturday, October, 8 from 11:00 a.m. 4:00 p.m.

Last year, the shelter adopted 36 animals during the event. This year, it hopes to find homes for 50 pets.

“Lindo” is one of the dogs most in need of a new home. He has been in the shelter for 10 months- longer than any other animal at LAS.

The reason he hasn’t been adopted, according to shelter staff, is because when people walk by his kennel, he normally jumps on the walls and runs in circles, which can be intimidating to potential “pawrents”.

However, the staff said this is normal energy for dogs, and Lindo just needs an outlet, like a trip to the dog park or daily walks, which the shelter can’t provide.

Shelter employees encouraged people to get the dogs out of their kennels and get to know them in the outdoor pens, so they can blow off any steam and show more of their true colors.

“We have 418 animals in our shelter and about 90% of those are just going to be the dog and puppy population,” said Megan Gray, Assistant Director of Lubbock Animal Services.

In an ideal world, the director of LAS Steven Greene said, the shelter would house less than 200 animals. When the shelter houses more than 200, that capacity for care is harder to achieve because employees must shorten the time spent caring for animals.

“We’ve always had trouble adopting big dogs. They want the small, cute, fluffy [dogs]… We rarely get that, and when we do, they go [quickly],” Gray explained. “Some small dogs have eight applications on them when we have 250 other dogs available at that moment. So, it just blows my mind.”

LAS said it hopes people will consider the overlooked animals during the Adopt-A-Thon.

“A lot of people overlook seniors just because they want a young dog, which I get, but seniors– half of them are house trained already. They know basic commands. They’re super easy to have at the home,” said Angelica Lucero, Adoption Center Supervisor.

Any fees associated with applications placed during the Adopt-A-Thon will still be waived, even if the pet is picked up at a later date.

The shelter also wanted people to know that they can foster-to-adopt before committing to an animal.

To learn more about adopting and fostering through Lubbock Animal Services, click here.