Schools and businesses still being careful as flu season remains in effect

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LUBBOCK Texas — Local schools and businesses are still taking caution when it comes to keeping people safe.

Christy Haynes, vice president of GermBlast, said since the beginning of flu season her company has received a number of phone calls for her company to go and sanitize.

“Schools are saying, ‘Our attendance is dropping because flu has hit us hard, how can you help us,'” she said.

She said although the flu is an airborne illness, cleaning surfaces is important.

“It can be airborne but it can also stay on the surfaces for a while so it’s really important to disinfect and have to make sure you come in and clean appropriately and that’s why it’s important to do a disinfectant program,” Haynes said.

Dr. Christopher Collins with Grace Clinic said he has seen a decrease in the amount of flu cases since the start of the flu season but that it’s still important to get vaccinated.

“It does provide some immunity for you,” he said. “It decreases the severity of symptoms and it takes about two weeks for the vaccine to become effective.”

He said there’s a common misconception about the flu shot.

“The common misnomer is that people get the flu from the flu shot and that is case, you may get flu like symptoms but you will not get the flu from the flu,” he said.

He said to help the spread of germs, it’s important to take other precautions.

“Wash your hands, don’t touch your face, wash your hands before you touch your face, don’t drink after people cough at your arm not into the air and get vaccinated,” he said.

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