LUBBOCK, Texas — Police arrested a second suspect, Joseph Lee Jackson, 26, of Lubbock, on Wednesday evening for the robbery of Metro PCS.  Two locations of Metro PCS – 4921 34th Street and 7412 University Avenue – were robbed on Tuesday morning. 

An arrest warrant said in both robberies, a masked man used a gun to threaten employees and take money. 

Police arrested Byron Whitfield on Tuesday.  But according to the arrest warrant, police thought the Metro PCS robberies might be tied to four other robberies dating back to October of 2018. 

Surveillance videos from at least two of the four related robberies were not an exact match to Whitfield. 

Meanwhile, police talked to Whitfield in the jail after he was arrested.  The warrant said Whitfield admitted that he was the getaway driver in two robberies. 

An officer wrote in the arrest warrant, “It is my belief that Byron Whitfield and Joseph Jackson are working together to commit multiple aggravated robberies at various stores within Lubbock.”

The warrant said they chose to rob cell phone stores and other places with few employees and “little civilian traffic.” 

Police came to believe that Jackson robbed the Metro PCS stores on Tuesday and Whitfield acted as the getaway driver. 

In addition to the Metro PCS robberies, Jackson was held Thursday in the Lubbock County Detention Center for burglary and failure to stop and render aid.  He would need to post bonds totaling $140,000 to get out of jail.