Second ‘Trump Train’ parades around Lubbock

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LUBBOCK, Texas — A sea of red, white and blue filled the parking lot outside Cook’s Garage Sunday afternoon in support of President Donald Trump’s re-election.

“It’s definitely a fun and unique experience,” said Mason Swofford, a Trump supporter at the event. “I love to see our community come together for a unified cause and purpose and it’s just great to see everybody out here.”

Thousands of cars decked out in Trump flags drove around Loop 289 for Lubbock’s second Trump Train. The first one took place at the end of September.

“A lot of people that couldn’t make it to the first one wanted to make it to the second one,” said organizer Dwight Friesen. “So there are a lot of new people here, different people this time.”

Friesen explained that what started as an idea among of friends quickly turned into a major rally.

“It was actually a friend of mine’s idea, we wanted to go out and cruise the Loop with some Trump flags and we just took it from there, let’s make this thing huge,” said Friesen. “We reached out to as many people as we could and the response we got was amazing. So we contacted Cook’s to see if we could have it here and things just escalated from there.”

With election season in full swing, local leaders like Congressman Jodey Arrington came to speak at the event as well.

“He did what he said he was going to do,” said Congressman Jodey Arrington, speaking to the crowd about re-electing President Trump. “Anyway, have I convinced y’all enough that we need a guy that’s going to step up to the plate, fight for the country, and do what he said he’s going to do?”

However with Covid-19 cases on the rise in Lubbock, some may be concerned about this event contributing to more spread. Organizers said with this in mind, they encouraged social distancing.

“Well we’re outside we’re trying to social distance, we’re trying to tell everybody, you know, no groups larger than 10, we hope everybody stays safe but at the end it’s their own choice we can’t control what each and every individual does,” said Friesen.

Many attendees said that they’re proud to be a part of history.

“I don’t think it’s a surprise to anybody that Lubbock county is going to be red,” said Trump supporter Josh Putman. “Historically, there’s just many people that I know, friends that I had that are democrats in the past that they’ve asked me to come out here with them and support Trump and I definitely think he’s reaching voters here in West Texas that he probably didn’t have in 2016.”

Other voters also explained why they support the re-election of President Trump.

“People wanna label us as a bunch of white supremascists and stuff. It’s not true, we love our country, we love our god, we love our law enforcement,” said Shawn Finley. “Sure there’s some bad apples in law enforcement but there’s bad apples everywhere, and you can love him or hate him but I love him, my family does and yeah — Trump 2020.”

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