Seeing ‘additional charges’ on your utility bill? Here’s why

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LUBBOCK, Texas —Summer is here, bringing with it high temperatures and even higher bills. 

“Naturally, as they read through their bill, they are going to have questions,” said Spokesperson for Lubbock Power & Light, Matt Rose. 

Some folks this month are seeing an additional charges section on their accounts. Some are being charged hundreds of dollars and others are actually getting money back.

“It’s in the very definition of additional charges on your overall utility account that are stemming from something outside of the normal on your account,” said Rose. 

But according to Rose, there are several causes to these charges including late fees, tampering with your meter, having extra garbage pickup, refunds coming from deposits or overpayments.

“All of these are not things that are new, they are not things that have just occured this month, they are not things that are specific to your utility service in Lubbock,” said Rose.  

And while some are seeing these additional charges for the first time now, Rose says there aren’t bigger factors at play.

“It’s important for our customers to know, on the LP&L side, that there are no kind of additional charges, there are no kinds of ancillary costs that have been accessed to your bill because of ERCOT. EROCT is simply the market from which we are buying our power that is given to our customers and that’s the extent of it,” said Rose. 

But for folks whose bills have been climbing this summer, reducing energy and water conservation can always help in the long run.

“In a general sense, everything that you can do to help your AC unit and to be more energy efficient from the hours of 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. is going to save you on the LP&L electric portion of your City of Lubbock utilities bill. Everything that you can do to be mindful of your usage can go a long way,” said Rose. 

For further details on your account specifically and where these additional charges might be coming from, call The City of Lubbock Utilities Department at 806-775-2509.

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