Seminole Sentinel: Gaines County COVID-19 case is daughter of county judge

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LUBBOCK, Texas — Gaines County Judge Tom Keyes addressed his daughters positive COVID-19 result on Tuesday, in a statement posted to the Seminole Sentinel.

According to the statement, Keyes’ said his daughter was likely exposed to the virus at a Lubbock event on the evening of March 14.

He said the event was where, “young men and women had returned from mission work all over the world.”

The City of Lubbock has listed the March 14 Sunset Church of Christ Graduation Ceremony as a possible exposure site, but the event was not explicitly mentioned in the statement.

Sunset International Bible Institute also acknowledged in a statement that a student at their Adventures in Missions department tested positive for COVID-19 after attending the event on March 14.

Keyes said his daughter went to work March 16 and 17 and developed a cough the evening of the 17. He said she called in sick March 19 and 20 after developing a fever.

Keyes said on March 20, his daughter was informed that others that had attended the same event had tested positive for COVID-19. Keyes said his daughter was tested at the University Medical Center drive-thru clinic and her results came back positive.

He said his daughter was told to quarantine until three days after her symptoms were resolved. He and his wife were also placed on strict quarantine until 14 days after the daughter’s symptoms were resolved.

Keyes said people have criticized his family and said he and his daughter were irresponsible for going to work after being exposed.

“Anyone who thinks we’ve acted irresponsibly should take it up with the health department,” he said. “We’ve followed their guidance from the moment we realized there had been an exposure.”

Keyes said the impact of the virus can be lessened if recommended Centers for Disease Control rules are followed.

“Are these fool proof methods to stop the spread of COVID-19, maybe not,” he said, “what I see is that the fools normally don’t follow the rules.”

The Seminole Sentinel contributed to this article.

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