LUBBOCK, Texas — Police arrested a number of people on charges related to prostitution, the Lubbock Police Department confirmed on Friday. The arrests were, according to online jail records, conducted in the 5100 block of Marsha Sharp Freeway.

One person, Jacob Rodriguez, 33, was charged with “trafficking person conduct/sexual.” He was arrested by officers with the Texas Department of Public Safety, according to jail records, in the 4900 block of Marsha Sharp Freeway. DPS confirmed his arrest is related to the other arrests in a joint operation with Lubbock Police. also reached out to LPD to request a comment or further information.

In response, police said, “The operation resulted in 13 felony arrests for solicitation of prostitution, four arrests for misdemeanor prostitution, and one for Human Trafficking. Additional arrest were made for warrants, Delivery of Dangerous Drug, and Forgery.”

LPD also said, “Five females were contacted and identified as possible victims of human trafficking.”

The following are the names and charges provided by LPD in alphabetic order of last name:

  • Austin Ayers, 38, Solicitation Prostitution, Manufacture or Delivery of Substance, Forgery
  • Jason Caldwell, 43, Solicitation Prostitution
  • Deric Calhoun, 42, Solicitation Prostitution, Manufacture or Delivery of Substance
  • Wallace Curry, 58, Solicitation Prostitution
  • Daulton Dugger, 28, Solicitation Prostitution
  • Ronald Floyd, 76, Solicitation Prostitution
  • Jerry Gonzales, 54, Solicitation Prostitution
  • Geoffrey Hyatt, 22, Solicitation Prostitution
  • Kyle Kirkpatrick, 39, Solicitation Prostitution
  • Sriharsha Marka, 25, Solicitation Prostitution
  • Miguel Olivarez, 32, Solicitation Prostitution
  • Brian Ouellette, 39, Solicitation Prostitution
  • Jacob Rodriguez, 33, Human Trafficking
  • Alina Gail Sanchez, 23, Prostitution
  • Noel Silvas, 35, Solicitation Prostitution
  • Donna Smith, 46, Prostitution
  • Brandi Williams, 38, Prostitution (listed as Brandi Rodgers in jail roster)
  • Russell Williams, 73, Solicitation Prostitution

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