LUBBOCK, Texas— It has been almost two years since 19-year-old Haven Trevino was shot and killed by her ex-boyfriend, Isaiah Mesa, near her workplace.

According to her family, Haven was a victim of domestic violence and made the decision to leave with her son Ezra just weeks before her death.

“You could see she was loving herself,” said Haven’s aunt, Kim Hernandez. “She was back in school [and] to [her] core routines, back to her workout routines and things like that.”

Hernandez told her niece loved her family and her son more than anything in the world and she made the decision for him.

“So she knew she had to…, go to school, get it together and [put] the pedal to the metal and do everything. I think her biggest goal was making [her son] proud,” said Hernandez

On November 12, 2020, Haven was about to go in for her shift at the Orlando’s restaurant on Indiana Avenue when she was shot by her ex-boyfriend, Isaiah Mesa. Police say she was transported to a Lubbock hospital where she later died.

Ever since Haven’s passing, her family has made it their mission to save other people from the dangers of domestic violence.

“It can happen to you, it can be your family, and the thing is, is speaking out against it, making those police reports, all of those things,” said Hannah Alvarez, Haven’s cousin.

Alvarez also said for Haven, her main reason for leaving was her son.

“You know what, I love me, and I’m gonna do this for me. And not only that, I’m going to do it for Ezra. And so, you know, finding a purpose is going to be important for them,” Alvarez said.

Haven’s family and friends created a foundation called “The Helping Hands of Haven.” They have made multiple donations to women’s shelters in Haven’s honor.  

To commemorate Haven’s memory, Haven’s family and friends are hosting a balloon release at the Orlando’s restaurant on Indiana Avenue on Saturday, November 12 at 6:00 p.m.