LUBBOCK, Texas – The Haven Animal Care shelter once housed its longest resident of seven years–but after countless applications and messages from all over the U.S., Chance finally found her forever home.

“When we got Riley’s application, and we met him the first time, there was no doubt who she was going home with,” said Christine Carter, a volunteer at the Haven Animal Shelter who has been working closely with Chance. 

Chance was no longer being overlooked. 

“Immediately my heart just went out to her. I had recently lost a dog, and I really wasn’t ready to adopt one right away, but as soon as seeing her photo and reading her story, I knew without a doubt I had to come here,” said Riley Flores, Chance’s adopter.

Adopting an anxious dog from the shelter is not easy, but Flores is ready to take on the journey with her. Recalling their first encounter as a shaky one.

“She did not want to see me. She ran right back into her kennel and did not want me to be around. She kept barking and, you know, very shy, very timid,” said Flores. 

Celebrating even the smallest of moments. 

“The highlight was just this past week when the first time she actually came up to me was unprovoked. I didn’t have to corner her. I didn’t have to get down on my knees. She just came and walked right up to me and wanted to go outside and wanted to go play. I didn’t think I would see that for at least six months,” said Flores. 

Flores said not to be fooled by Chance’s shy demeanor. 

“She will definitely kind of strut around the house. She will kind of prance around the backyard, stuff that I had never seen here or when I was having one-on-one time with her. She has a very quirky personality. Just kind of have to give her an opportunity to let it out,” said Flores. 

The shelter hopes that everyone can take this as a lesson to give adoption a chance.

“Every dog, especially ones like this, deserve an opportunity,” said Flores, “You may just find your next best friend or your next member of your family. Just giving it a chance and trying is a big thing.”

To find more information on adoptable dogs at the Haven, head to their website here or her Facebook here.