A police report quotes one person as saying a deadly shooting in the 2900 block of Vicksburg Avenue Saturday was self-defense.

Police did not use the term “self-defense” in a press release a few hours after the shooting, but the police report quoted the man who admitted to firing the shots.

No names were listed in the public copy of the police report Sunday morning. Police were called to an apartment at about 4:20 a.m. Saturday.   

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The first officer on the scene wrote in the police report, “I asked who was shot and who had fired the weapon.  [A man] stood with his hands above his head and advised [the person who was shot and killed] had broken into the apartment and [the man] shot him in self-defense.”

“I observed [the dead body] to be face down with his head toward the far bedroom wall.  I checked but did not detect a pulse,” the police report said. 

“I observed several empty shell casings laying on the bedroom floor,” the police report said.  “I observed a silver semi-automatic hand gun laying on the bed.  I left the handgun undisturbed for detectives to collect upon their arrival.”

Initially, the shooter was placed in handcuffs but later the handcuffs were removed. He did not want to answer questions from police at the scene until he first talked to a lawyer.  The police report does not say if the shooter agreed to answer questions later.

A woman inside the apartment witnessed the shooting and police tried to ask questions but she was described as hysterical.  The man who was shot was described in the report as the woman’s ex-boyfriend.  The man who fired the shots was described as the woman’s current boyfriend.