LUBBOCK, Texas– The murder of a little boy in Lubbock led police to seek a court order for information from Google.  On Tuesday, obtained a search warrant which was returned to a local court on May 5 regarding the drive-by shooting of 4-year-old Cornelius Carrington. 

Carrington was shot and killed in a drive-by shooting December 2021 just eight days before Christmas.

According to the documents, the shooting was in retaliation to a crash that left a woman dead. Witnesses told authorities a man was upset with two brothers involved a crash that killed his fiancé. Court documents stated the brothers involved were the father and uncle of Cornelius.

The man, who the court documents called a person of interest, was seen following Cornelius’s father and his girlfriend leaving a retail store 30 minutes before the shooting occurred. However, the man’s phone was not shown to be near at the location at the time of shooting, according to to cell tower data. 

The documents stated this person was identified and spoke wanting to “obtain a firearm… to shoot the father and uncle of Cornelius Carrington” hours before Cornelius was killed.

The documents also said anonymous tips were received naming two additional suspects were involved in the Cornelius’s death. They were arrested two days later in connection with another shooting that was unrelated to the case. According to online jail records, the two were in the Lubbock County Detention Center on unrelated charges. The men have not been charged with the shooting and killing of Cornelius and for that reason, did not publish the names at this time.

The shooting took place just 9:00 p.m. in the 700 block of East Ursuline Street. Cornelius was taken to University Medical Center by a private vehicle and died from his injuries shortly after. reached out to the Lubbock Police Department for more information.  If additional information is provided, we will provide updates.