LUBBOCK, Texas – Police officers responded to a shooting incident early Friday morning just after midnight in the 5700 block of 4th Street. No one was injured but the police report portrayed the situation as a close call.

Police talked to a resident who said someone in the apartment above him fired a shot.

An officer wrote in the police report, “I observed a hole from a gun shot in the ceiling of [the victim’s] bedroom and damage to [the victim’s] dresser.”

“[The victim said] he was standing close to his dresser when he felt pieces of the ceiling fall and hit him,” the report said. “[The victim] believed he was approximately three feet from where the round hit into his apartment.”

Police located a suspect who said he thought someone was trying to open the front door of his apartment. The suspect unholstered the gun when it went off.

The police report said the gun, the ammunition and a shell casing were confiscated as evidence.

Justin Bryce Mahan was arrested for a misdemeanor charge of illegally discharging a firearm inside the city. Mahan was able to post bond to get released from jail Friday morning.