LUBBOCK, Texas — Two people who were taken to the hospital with serious injuries after a shooting in the 2100 block of 58th Street on Friday told officers shots were fired after a break-in, a Lubbock Police Department report stated on Thursday.

LPD said officers were called at 11:32 p.m.

According to the report, the victims, a married couple, heard banging coming from their front door. The victims found two suspects kicking the door. The report stated the husband tried to block the door, and a suspect showed him a gun. The victim told officers the suspects “said something to the effect of ‘give us the money or we are going to kill you.'”

The victim told police the suspects shot through the door and kicked it open, so he grabbed a piece of the broken door frame to defend himself and was shot “multiple times.” According to the police report, the husband tried to chase the two outside and was dragged back into the home. The victim said he was hit in the head with an unknown object and blacked out.

The wife told officers she was asleep in her room when she woke up to the “commotion” and found her husband on the ground with “a lot of blood around him,” the report stated. According to the report, she said the suspects were talking to each other with “walkie talkies” as they went through the house. She told police she was hit in the head and did not remember anything else.

Officers found the path from the home’s driveway to the front door “covered with blood.” The report also said the suspects had barricaded the front door with a chair.

LPD told that no arrests had been made as of Thursday morning.