Signatures supporting Lubbock as ‘Sanctuary City for Life’ submitted to City Council

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LUBBOCK, Texas — A petition with over 7,000 signatures to that asks to designate Lubbock as a “Sanctuary City for Life” was submitted to the Lubbock City Council on Tuesday, according to a release.

The council met for a regular city council meeting on Tuesday and discussed the ordinance in an executive session closed to the public, according to an official agenda published to the city’s website.

The petition asks for the Lubbock City Council to prohibit abortion within city limits. If the ordinance is adopted, Lubbock would be the largest city to outlaw abortion in the country, according to State Senator Charles Perry, who led a drive for petition signatures.

After the petition is given to the city and the signatures are verified, the ordinance must be voted on by the council or a special election will be called to allow voters to decide whether or not to adopt the ordinance.

The ordinance put forth by the petition will outlaw abortions and, “allows civil lawsuits against abortionists immediately,” according to a release from activist Mikel Ward.

Regardless of Roe v. Wade, the proposed ordinance declares abortion to be illegal in Lubbock — even if the prohibition is not fully enforceable due to court rulings.

Special Note: Mikel Ward updated and corrected her news release. This story has been updated to reflect her correction.

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