LUBBOCK, Texas — Silos are typically used to store grain, but Rick and Carol Pevey transformed six silos into livable spaces as Airbnb cabins in Lubbock.

“It’s so nice and peaceful out here, I understand we are in the middle of a pasture, but you know what, it’s quiet and peaceful out here,” Rick Pevey said. “I just hope people can come out here and unwind and enjoy themselves.”

Rick says he was not on board at first when his wife Carol came up with the idea, but then realized this was something special.

The gated Hub City Silos sits on 10 acres with silos brought in from Rawls and Oklahoma.

“Once we got them set up and everything, we had no blueprint, no blueprint whatsoever,” Pevey said. “So, it was kind of like trial and error. We’d come out and do somethings a lot of times we had to tear it down and redo it because it just didn’t work.”

Then it all came together with the help of Carol.

“She decorates and I mean she is good at it and man she really made them pop after that,” Pevey said. “I was kind of proud of the way they turned out when we got done with them, but when she went to put in furniture I was blown away!”

Each Silos is customized with their grandkid’s nicknames: “The Reeder Peter, The Huckleberry Finn, The Collie Bell, The Jaybird, The Hattie J and one named after Rick’s late friend “The Watson.”

Since the grand opening this past Sunday, the Silos has drawn people locally and from other states.

The cabins are equipped with amenities such as tv’s, coffee bars, mini fridge, air-conditioning and heat. They also have outdoor activities including yard games and a firepit.

“Our vision of this place is for people to come out and just unwind,” Pevey said.

The couple is also adding a box car as another Airbnb option.

I think it will be great for couples, I think it will be great for families, I think it will just be great for individuals,” Pevey said.

Check out the Hub City Silo’s website here.