LUBBOCK, Texas — Christmas came early for Kristi White who was surprised by her company Cornerstone caregiving with a new jeep.

Founder Michael Hillman said the heart of Cornerstone is caregiving with compassion and White has spent the past two years doing that.

“Caregivers are the unsung heroes of the healthcare world, and we want to be an organization that sings for them, that honors them every day,” Hillman said.

White has not wavered in her commitment to the company even without a car, and today that changed as she got the keys to her new car.

“Sometimes you don’t feel you deserve something like this, and it’s never happened before so it’s very humbling especially right around the holidays,” White said.

White was chosen as the national caregiver of the year out of 75 candidates across the country, and she is the first person to receive a car by the company.

“She was a finalist and ultimately selected because of her spirit, because of her willingness to serve, because of the wonderful things she does every day for seniors as a true calling,” Hillman said.

White was filled with emotion as she hugged her director, colleagues, family and friends.

“She has gone above and beyond in every way possible. I thought with Christmas coming this is such an incredible story and a testament to the amazing people we have working here in West Texas.  Caregiving is often an overlooked and rarely thanked job, but so incredibly life changing to those receiving the care.”

Lubbock Cornerstone Director Caregiving Director Michalea Perez

White says this car is a blessing, and it will improve the life of her and her son.

“I’m always the one that has to take care of the other person, so it’s just a different feeling,” White Said.

“First [car giveaway] and I think we are going to keep doing it every year because it sure was a lot of fun,” Hillman said.