LUBBOCK, Texas — obtained an arrest warrant Friday against Adam Villarreal, 19, for the murder of Domingo Siri. Villarreal denied involvement in the shooting.

In the early morning hours of September 1, 2021, police were called for a shooting 1600 block of 28th Street. Siri died on the scene and Cleotis Johnson was also shot but recovered from his injuries, officials previously said.

“There were numerous other subjects including children outside in the driveway of the connecting duplexes when numerous shots were fired from a moving dark colored four door passenger car towards them,” the arrest warrant said. “Surveillance video from neighbors in the area captured the suspect vehicle description and actions of the suspects. The suspect vehicle was driving west bound and the shots were fired north towards the area where Domingo Siri and Cleotis Johnson were standing.”

  • Adam Villarreal and Catelyn Pina

The warrant said, “On July 12, 2022, a Crime Line tip was received from a tipster who wanted to remain anonymous. The tipster named Adam Villarreal and Catelyn Pina as the suspects in this homicide case.”

The warrant also said officers were aware of another shooting which happened less than an hour prior to the shooting death of Siri.

In the earlier shooting, the warrant said someone followed a would-be victim from the 1600 block of 28th Street to the 5300 block of 46th Street and fired shots. The shell casings from the earlier shooting turned out to be from the same gun as the homicide, as determined by the Texas of Department of Public Safety Crime Laboratory.

Shell casings were eventually found in Villarreal’s car – again matching the homicide case.

Catelyn Pina was located and interviewed by police. She told officers she was driving Villarreal’s car and another man asked them for a ride. She told police this other man, not Villarreal, was the shooter. Pina, 20, was arrested for murder on October 5.

The warrant against Villarreal said, “Catelyn Pina stated Adam Villareal and one other identified subject were inside the suspect vehicle. Forensic evidence shows they committed two shootings inside the span of less than one hour. This resulted in the murder of Domingo Siri.”

Cellphone records showed Pina was in the area of 1600 28th Street at the time of shooting which corroborated her story, according to the warrant.

The third person mentioned by Pina was not listed by name in the warrant. reached out to police to ask if a third person was charged or arrested. We will continue to follow the case for updates.

Villarreal was arrested on unrelated charges in April. A murder charge was added against him on November 2. On the murder charge alone, Villarreal would need to post a $500,000 bond to get released. Pina also remained in custody as of Friday.