LUBBOCK, Texas– Right on the corner between Broadway and Martin Luther King Blvd sits Tropical Icy. This shaved iced shop is owned by 2 West Texas sisters who have spent the last 28 years serving up frozen treats, in house made syrups with a warm smile. 

Helen Jones came up with the idea for the shop while she was running a snow cone truck while raising her children. Jones said she wanted to open up her own business and teach her sons the importance of hard work. 

Jones partnered up with her sister Everne Williams and Tropical Icy was born. Over the years, the two women balanced raising their families, holding down full-time jobs, and operating their own business.

“Whenever we were working,” Williams said, “we would come in after we got off work, and do this and operate the shop. We’re open seven days a week during the summer, and  holidays with family are here. One time they threw me a birthday party, and guess where the birthday party was? Here.” 

Open for their 28th Summer, Williams said that now 3 generations of their family have taken turns working in the shop. Their children would come in to work after school or over the summers. Now they’re grandchildren come in to chip in to help. 

“This is the way they get to see us,” Jones said. “They want to see us, they gotta come here. So, you want to see your family. You know where to find us.”    

Jones and Williams both said that over the years it’s more than a business to them; it’s become a part of their family including the people they’ve served. 

“When you’re in the window, you get to hear everything,” Jones said, “talk about things that you may not need to talk about – just family stuff … There are some nice people that come through that window and up to that window.”