SEAGRAVES, Texas — The small town of Seagraves, Texas will be in the path of the annular 2023 solar eclipse, and Pete Lutz with Skydive West Texas had some big plans for day of the “ring of fire.”

Lutz told on Monday that October 14 is a “once in a lifetime opportunity” for thrill-seekers. Skydive West Texas rented a larger airplane than their usual and plans to take some adventurers for a jump they’ll never forget as they skydive during the solar eclipse.

As the eclipse brings nearly complete coverage, Skydive West Texas will be doing jumps all weekend, but there was limited space available for Saturday’s eclipse jump. A couple tandem jumps were still available. Lutz said experienced jumpers should move quickly and reach out if they want to go up during the eclipse.

Lutz, who has been skydiving since 1979, said the price for the jump at 13,000 feet was about $425. The jump at 23,000, which was high in demand, sat at $795.

Skydive West Texas, the only full-time skydiving center in the region, said it has some of the best-maintained airplanes in the industry. Skydive West Texas is located at the airport in Seminole. Those interested in jumping during the eclipse were asked to call Lutz at (309) 453-8259.

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