LUBBOCK, Texas– Slaton Bakery is celebrating 100 years of business and highlighting the women who have attributed to its success during Women’s History Month.

Chief Cookie Officer Chad Wilson said this milestone would not be possible without the faithful employees and customers from all over the world.

Slaton Bakery has won countless awards for cookies in stores across Texas and made memories dating back to 1923.

The bakery was officially owned and operated in 1943 by Barney and Ollie Mae Wilson before they passed it down to Sherrell and Robin Wilson.

“It’s been neat to watch my parents grow it into what they did and what I am working on growing it into now. We couldn’t do it without the help of all of our great employees,” Chad Wilson said.

The women, in particular, are getting an extra spotlight for Women’s History Month for the countless ways Slaton Bakery said they have helped the business.

Emma Morrales, who has been with the bakery for 29 years, is one of the female employees who has been honored.

“I like the small community, the customers, that’s my favorite part of the job is the customers!” Morrales said. “Interacting with them and getting to know them on a first name basis and stuff, it’s like family working here.”

In addition, Slaton Bakery has been honoring various other female employees through a Facebook post each day since the beginning of March.

“Being a part of our one hundredth year we thought this was the perfect time to highlight the ladies that have poured their lives into our bakery,” Wilson said. “Be it my mom, retired employees, current employees like Emma, my grandma will be coming up on a story here pretty soon. It’s important for them to get the credit they deserve, it’s not just the Wilsons that’s doing this bakery it takes every one of us.”

This staple bakery does not go unnoticed, with its tasty treats, antique equipment and fascinating history on display from the moment you enter the building.

Slaton Bakery recently received a letter from Lubbock Mayor Tray Payne congratulating them on the milestone.

“The most special thing that can be summed up is just carrying on my families hard work and ethic and their story and everything,” Wilson said. “Representing my grandparents that are on the bag of vanilla wafers and everything is really important to me. To make sure that the products are good and something they would be happy with.”

The bakery will be having a big celebration on June 10. They will also be giving free donuts to anyone who comes and takes a picture with the 100 balloon and shares it on social media.