SLATON, Texas — The Slaton Farmers Market has been in business for four months, quickly becoming a hit within the community. But as the weather gets colder the market has grown quieter. 

“It’s been really good, the summer months we have really big turnouts like the whole street would be full for our market days,” said Tyler Campbell, Owner and operator of Slaton Farmers Market. 

Campbell says it’s the only farmer’s market in the surrounding area open on Sundays, allowing farmers an extra day to sell their produce and families an extra option to shop for local items. 

“We have fresh vegetables, fresh mushrooms, local pork, local beef, a big list of a lot of other things, homemade products, locally produced goods. The purpose of it is to bring the community together,” said Campbell. 

Campbell says business for vendors has slowed down due to the dive in temperatures, “With the winter here it slowed down a little bit just because of the bad weather.” 

While the vendors and community continue to show rain or shine, Campbell is asking for extra support to get them through the colder months. 

“That’s the whole purpose of the GoFundMe, it’s to get us some winter protection out here just for comfortability of vendors and customers so we can be indoors during the bad weather,” said Campbell.

Campbell is hoping to have a structure built to keep vendors and shoppers out of the elements while they enjoy the market, “1500 square feet would be able to fit 10 to 12 vendors in there. It’s just winter protection for the enjoyment of the market.”

With support from the community, the structure could be built by the end of the year.  

“Typically a lot of people go to the grocery stores on Sunday, so we want to be right there with a local fresh option for groceries for you and your family and make it an event, make it something fun you can bring your kids to. So come out on a Sunday. It’s not far. We’d love to have you,” said Campbell. 

To support the Market and its farmers you can donate to their Gofundme here. 

For more information on the Slaton Farmers Market, you can visit their Facebook here. 

Hours for the market are 11am to 3pm every Sunday for the winter months in Downtown Slaton.