LUBBOCK, Texas — A Slaton man was arrested September 3 and charged with the aggravated assault of an adult woman with Down syndrome, as well as the aggravated sexual assault of a child.

Freddy Alvarez Gonzales, 47, was held in the Lubbock County Detention Center on a $275,000 bond as of Wednesday.

According to a warrant, Gonzales sexually assaulted a woman, who is a family member, on Father’s Day in June and sexually assaulted a child at the age of 9.

The warrant said investigators initially intended to interview the victim but were unable. The warrant said the victim was only able to communicate with others through basic hand gestures and did not know sign language.

According to the warrant, the outcry was not made by the victim but by an underage cousin. The cousin, who is Gonzales’ child, told investigators that at one point Gonzales was seen inappropriately touching the victim and was later seen with his genitals out of his pants near the victim.

The underage cousin told other family members about it, including a sibling and an adult cousin. According to the warrant, the sibling also accused Gonzales of sexual abuse years earlier in 2003 and that a Lubbock Police Department report had been filed at the time.

The adult cousin told investigators that Gonzales had molested the second victim at the age of 9. According to the warrant, the second victim confirmed this and gave more details.

The second victim told investigators that Gonzales would come into their room at night and engage in inappropriate touching. Another family member told investigators about catching Gonzales touching the second victim and confronting him over it.

However, when the family member told the second victim’s parents about the incident, they said they did not believe it.

When investigators asked to talk with Gonzales, he said he would not speak without a lawyer present.