SLATON, Texas — One Slaton woman picked up piñata making to help pass the time at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hilda Rivera, 78, was isolated in her home for weeks due to the threat of the coronavirus. She said not being able to go anywhere left her feeling anxious, so she decided to start making piñatas.

“I was going like crazy, so I said to myself, ‘I better do something’, Rivera said, “And I tried to make a piñata, and I was surprised at myself that I could do it.”

Thus far, she has a collection ranging from aliens to Angry Birds and unicorns, but her favorite piñata is one of a COVID-19 molecule, which she named COVY.

“It makes me happy that I made it, but it makes me angry that it’s there,” Rivera said, “I hope that somebody buys it and knocks the heck out of it for all it’s been doing you know, and maybe they’ll feel better.”

Rivera just had a birthday in August and was set to celebrate but due to the pandemic had to cancel.

“They were going to make me a birthday party, because I had never in my life had a birthday party even as a child,” Rivera said. “Now, I’m making piñatas for people. Maybe they can have a [birthday celebration] I didn’t have.”

Rivera said being at home for long periods can be difficult, but she encourages others to find activities that can pass the time.

“You can do a puzzle or if you know how to sew or crochet,” she said. “Buy a book with coloring, anything will keep your mind busy, and you won’t feel cooked up.”

Anyone wanting to purchase her COVID-19 or other piñatas can contact her at