LUBBOCK, Texas– In 2022, Texas Tech Athletics announced the renovations and plans for the Jones AT&T stadium as well as their new Womble football center located across from the Jones. Project representative Logan West said the project linking the two buildings will create one of the largest football facilities in the country.  

“It’ll be approximately a 320,000 square football facility overall connected by way of a pedestrian access bridge over 6th street,” West said. 

West said construction will run into next football season but will not affect Texas Tech hosting home games. Demolition will begin on the football facility after next football season for the Womble Center.

“For the south end zone, it’s going to be running through the 2023 game season, but there will still be home games here on the field. And then beginning after the last home game, 2023, we’re going to begin demolition of the football training facility 

West said despite minor challenges with wiring running from the stadium through the school, there haven’t been many obstacles.

“We had fiber and copper that were running through both of these buildings, also serving some of the rest of the campus,” West said.  “In order to facilitate demolition activities, we had to temporarily refereed those lines around.”

West said the new end zone will feature direct access to the field, premium seating, 17 premium level suites, 500 seats in a new bar area, new concessions, offices for the football staff, and most importantly a connection between the Womble Football center and the endzone for players and coaches to cross back and forth. 

“It’s the operational efficiency that’s going into the design of the project, the connection between the south end zone and the new football training facility, all the spaces in the new Womble Football Center that are being designed right now, they’re really going to create some amazing efficiencies and really great recruiting power for Texas Tech athletics.”

The south end zone will open in May 2024 and the Womble Football center in September 2024.