LUBBOCK, Texas–Lubbock received a good amount of snow on Tuesday and Texas Tech students spent the day making memories they said will last a lifetime.

Once classes were canceled for the day due to snow, many students used their day off to enjoy the winter wonderland. 

Rodolfo Santos, a senior at Texas Tech, said being from Costa Rica and seeing this kind of weather made him and his friends want to enjoy it all day long. 

“Snow is something we don’t see,” Santos said. “We just came out here to campus, had a snowball fight, and now a snowman over here and just enjoying it a little bit and well, no classes, so just having fun.”

Tyler Cullen had an early morning with his friends as well and began to work on a snowman for everyone to enjoy.

“We just came outside, me and my buddy, he’s making a snowman too, and yeah, we just threw some snowballs around and then decided to make the snowman,” Cullen said. 

Texas Tech senior, Jasmine Ortiz, said the change of scenery was nice for West Texas, even if it’s not very often.

“It’s like a new vibe for a little bit, because usually you see it like a whole bunch of dust dirt, but then you see the snow like, once a year, so that’s pretty cool,” Ortiz said.

Yesenia Gutierrez, a senior at Tech, said some of her best memories come from snow days, and she will hold on to those memories forever.

“I think they’re really fun because everyone gets together, and we’re regardless if you just help someone out, make a snowman, like this one behind us, or just have a snowball fight with anyone you see around, so definitely core memories.”