LUBBOCK, Texas — A police report on Monday revealed more information about the events leading up to the arrest of Gene Solis, 48. Solis held police at bay in an armed standoff, officials said, at the Lubbock National Guard Amory, 301 Regis Street.

He surrendered Friday morning and was taken into custody on numerous charges including assault on a public servant.

A police report said Solis called an LPD officer Wednesday night.

“I received a phone call from [Solis] stating that he was en route to shoot his ex-wife,” the report said.

The officer continued in the police report, “I attempted to speak with [Solis] to figure out what events had occurred leading up to his phone call to me.”

“[Solis] was very angry and would go on tangents stating that I knew what was going on and he wanted me to know that he was going to kill his ex-wife,” the report said. “[Solis] stated that he was prepared to shoot anyone who attempted to stop him, stating several times that he was going to make me ‘put a bullet in his head.’”

The officer tried to de-escalate the situation and informed other officers.

Police then went to the area of the ex-wife’s residence and that led to a vehicle pursuit with Solis, the report said. Solis then drove to Hale Center before coming back to Lubbock and the armory. The chase was temporarily called off but officers reengaged with Solis at the armory.

While at the armory, “I heard two audible shots fired with the initial ‘crack’ sound from the round being fired followed by the ‘whiz’ of the two rounds going over top of our head.”

At that point, there were three LPD officers involved, according to the report. All three were listed as victims of aggravated assault. No injuries were listed in the report.

The report also said, “[Solis] is known from previous employment with the United States Army.”

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After an armed standoff with officers lasting more than a full day, Solis surrendered voluntarily. Traffic along Regis Street was blocked during the standoff. At times, both northbound and southbound lanes of Interstate 27 were blocked. At other times, only the northbound lanes were blocked.

He remained in jail Monday on bonds totaling $750,000. Federal charges were also pending as of Monday.

An arrest warrant was released after the initial publication of this story. edited the names of the officers out of an abundance of caution. The text of an arrest warrant is copied below:

Highest Offense Aggravated Assault on a Public Servant Statue PC22.02 Classification F1
Location 301 E. Regis St.

SUMMARY (include additional offenses): On November 24, 2021 Lubbock Police Officer Txxxxx Dxxxxx received a phone call from Gene Garcia Solis. T. Dxxxxx knows G. Solis from previous employment with the United States Army. G. Solis told T. Dxxxxx that he was en Route to shoot his ex-wife. T. Dxxxxx also states in his report that G. Solis makes several statements to him that he is prepared to shoot anyone who attempts to stop him and that he was going to make T. Dxxxxx “put a bullet in his head”. Officers located G. Solis in the area of his ex wife’s residence. Officers attempted to stop his vehicle when G. Solis evaded them in his vehicle. LPD case 21-46594 is related to the vehicle pursuit. The pursuit was terminated. G. Solis again called Officer T. Dxxxxx and advised him that he could find his body in Hale Center. Hale Center located G. Solis and initiated another pursuit which ended at 301 E. Regis where G. Solis entered the address. Lubbock Police responded to this location. While at this location, T. Dxxxxx states that G. Solis exited the building and fired two rounds in the direction of him, Officer Jxxxxx Mxxxxx and Lieutenant Mxxxxx Cxxxxx. T. Dxxxxx states that he heard the round being fired followed by a “whiz” of the two rounds going over the top of their heads. Officer J. Mxxxxx also states that he heard the shots followed by the sound of rounds going over their heads. Both Officer J. Mxxxxx and T. Dxxxxx state this place them in immediate risk of serious bodily injury or death.