Some locals still refuse to wear a masks despite state mandates

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LUBBOCK, Texas — As coronavirus numbers continue to surge in Lubbock, local and state officials are pleading for Texans to do what they can to prevent the virus.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, wearing a mask is still one of the best ways you can stop the spread of the virus. But even months after Governor Greg Abbott’s mask mandate across the state of Texas — many still aren’t following the rule.

“I don’t like it I think everybody should have their own personal choice I don’t think it should be a mandate I think it should be a suggestion,” said local Paris Matthews.

EverythingLubbock conducted a survey that looked at the areas around Texas Tech University, as well as Walmart and Target, and found that around 80 percent of people were wearing masks but many people were not wearing them correctly.

But six months after the Governor’s mask mandate, local officials are still stumped as to why some still aren’t following it.

“I can’t answer that question. That escapes me,” said Mayor Dan Pope. 

Those in the community are also coming up with possible reasons as to why some choose to not wear a mask. 

“College students I feel like they aren’t as worried about it because they are in the age group that isn’t affected by it too severely,” said local resident Brittany Muller.

But in a press conference Thursday, Governor Abbott blamed COVID-19 fatigue. 

“We’re talking about something that is invisible,” he said. “When you are driving around fast moving cars – you can see visually the danger on the roadway that could occur if you drive recklessly. This invisible disease – no one can see, so they can’t see the danger oncoming to them.”

The CDC and other medical experts still recommend mask-wearing to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

“We have to do what we can do and I encourage people to do the right thing,” said Mayor Pope. 

Lubbock hospitals have just been allocated a new antibody treatment aimed at treating COVID-19, but even with this new treatment the Governor still said it’s important to do whatever possible to prevent people from getting the virus in the first place.

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