Lubbock, Texas – Residents in a South Lubbock neighborhood said they are frustrated after some construction in their area has blown them away with dust.

One resident said the construction started around April and has continued throughout the whole summer. They said it affected their daily lives because they haven’t been able to enjoy their patio or even go outside at times.

The resident, who wished to stay anonymous, said, “We expected some little dirt coming off this and everything. I mean, we live in West Texas, but not to this extent.”

She added that even when there isn’t wind, it looks like a haboob outside their window. “We have our grandkids, they come about every week, you know, for a day or so. And they can’t ride their bikes,” she explained.

KLBK spoke with the construction company about the issue, and they said they always have a water truck out on site to help weigh the water down.

However, according to the resident, “We do see them using it in the area, but it’s not where they’re doing the rollover of the dirt. They’re not going up and down the street.”

The resident said they’ve reached out to the city and the company doing the construction, but always get the same answer, that they can’t do anything about it. They’ve recently called the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality for help.

“I’m just hoping that common sense is used. I mean, take in consideration the people who live here,” the resident explained.

The City of Lubbock suggests anyone experiencing a similar situation should reach out to the Stormwater Department at (806) 775-2347.